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Creative Litho has added a new mailing permit from the Post Office! (07/14/09)

Going Green

    Here at Creative Litho we are doing our part to keep our environment clean and green. A few things we have done to help conserve energy can also be done in your home or office. One of
the easiest things to do is to power down at the end of the day. By turning off and unplugging all unused appliances can reduce energy cost dramatically. This includes items such as phone chargers. With a charger plugged in and no phone charging it still draws an electric current. Switching to flourescent lights as we have done also reduce the amount of wasted energy in a home or office. To further highlight a decrease in your energy bills adjust your thermostat accordingly, no need to heat or cool your home or office when no one is present. Recycling and reusing in your home or office is a great way to save and help the environment and it doesn’t require a lot of work. One tip for reusing office paper is uses both sides in your faxes and printers before recycling it. Also many companies offer toner cartridge refill or recycle programs. Always check with your suppliers for programs and look for the recycle logo before you purchase. Recycling your paper also helps to keep our cost down. With the high demand for trees for lumber and paper, the price of paper may continue to rise if we only rely on trees. By recycling your paper we can carry paper is made of up to 30% post consumer material.

    Most papers we currently stock is SFI certified and or FSC certified. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council work together with manufacturers to ensure a long standing relationship between the forest and the consumer through conservation and renewable resourcing. Reusing cardboard boxes and plastic bags before recycling is an excellent way to save money , reduce deforestation and land fills. In the press room we have upgraded our printing presses to run without harmful chemicals that worked well with older technology. Having chemicals with a low VOC (volatile organic compuond) allows our press operators to breathe easier and ruduces the amount of unseen harmful gasses in our atmosphere.. Most commercial printing ink is petrolium based, while this is the most widely accepted and used ink, we also carry acrylic and soy based inks.

Please visit these links to learn more

We have installed our second Canon Digital  Printer :
Canon iR c3220 (5/10/06)

Jason now has a A.B. Dick 9870 with a Townsend Super T

We have our first Canon Digital black and color Printer :
Canon iR c6800 (4/11/05)

This is Lil' Dave's dream come true A.B. Dick 9985 2 color press (10/7/02)

Booklets and collating are a breeze with our C.P. Bourg 20 bin bookletmaker (3/08/03)

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